Murdoch on Obama: Dangerous for America


By Ben Cohen

Rupert Murdoch has built his media empire by taking advantage of massively pro-corporate governments around the world. They have provided him with tax shelters, laws that allowed him to swallow competition, and provided him with the internet (yes, that was funded by the tax payer).

When Murdoch complains that Obama's expansion of government is 'dangerous' for America, he means it is dangerous for himself and his empire.

Obama's expanded government means Murdoch may actually have to pay full taxes in the United States, a grievous sin against the ultra rich. A small proportion of the money that has gone into bailing out Wall St may be used to help poor people - another mortal sin against the owners of capital. For the ruling classes, the state exists solely for their needs, and any other use of it represents a threat to their existence. The slightest whiff of government intervention in the lives of people who desperately need it causes a ferocious backlash from the corporate media, personified by the Murdoch Death Star.

Where was Murdoch when Bush expanded the role of government in unprecedented ways? I don't recall Murdoch and Cavuto discussing the enlargement of the deficit, wire tapping, no-bid contracts in Iraq and the billions of dollars spent bailing out Wall St on Bush's watch. That's because Bush's expansion of the state benefited the rich, a form of socialism apparently condoned by Fox News and its associates.