Gordon Brown On Last Legs

Gordon Brown stands in front of the Union Flag by Downing Street.

By Ben Cohen

Simon Carr describes a Prime Minister teetering on the edge of a cliff.

Brown's stint as PM must surely be over soon, his party is deserting him, and those left cannot plug the sinking ship. The worst thing about Brown's demise is that Britain will most likely be left with a Conservative government, the last thing a country in financial straights needs. David Cameron has cleverly taken advantage of Brown's atrociously handled premiership, and is licking his lips at the prospect of a general election. It will come, and Labour will lose. And lose badly.

The New Labour project was by all accounts an utter failure. The adherence to neo liberal economics meant the rich got richer and the poor, poorer. Brown's incessant deregulation exacerbated the financial meltdown, and the party that was supposed to represent the poor left them out to dry when the chips were down.

Cameron and his party will be worse. Perhaps not as incompetent, but the Conservative's philosophy virtually guarantees that much needed reform won't happen. It's a tragic state for Britain to be in, and the only solace progressives can have is that Labour may go back to its roots and rid itself of the corporate sycophants that have destroyed it.

(photo by Downing Street)