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Shocking Racism From American Jews and Israelis

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By Ben Cohen

It's easy to label Arabs as uncivilized fanatics and murderers, and easy to paint the situation in the Middle East as a battle between the Good (Israel) and Evil (Palestinians and Arabs). The truth is far more complex, and far harder to deal with. There is fanaticism on both sides, and Israeli/Jewish opinion is often just as hateful as its counterpart in the Middle East.

Max Blumenthal went to Israel on the eve of Barack Obama's historic speech in Cairo, and asked average people what they thought about the President. Most of the people in the video are Americans visiting Israel, and the views they put forward are nothing less than shocking. Watch below (via the brilliant Mondoweiss):

I've come across this type of beligerent ignorance many times in the States, where Jewish kids are raised to hate Arabs without justification, and without any real understanding of history. Many people I know casually conflate the horrific events of the holocaust with the Palestinian cause, shouting 'Never Again' whenever you try to reason with them. The scary thing is that most of these people come from wealthy families that wield political influence inside the United States. Most of the kids in this video will donate to AIPAC, throw parties for the IDF, and vote for politicians dedicated to maintaining the status quo in the Middle East. The are a force to be reckoned with, and Barack Obama will have his work cut out if he wants to deal with them effectively.