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End of the World is Nigh - Kendra Gets her Own Show

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By Ben Cohen

I once had the misfortune of watching an episode of 'The Girls Next Door', and was filled with an overwhelming sense of sadness. The cause of most of my depression was one particularly vapid member of the show - Kendra Wilkinson. Exuding the intellectual curiosity of a decapitated chicken, Kendra walked around the Play Boy mansion semi naked for most of the show talking mostly about herself and jewelery. She seemed perfectly happy, if not proud to play into the classic blond bimbo stereotype, vaunting her lack of intelligence like a deadly weapon and proudly proclaiming her shallowness at every given moment.

In Los Angeles, these particular attributes are seen as positives, and Kendra has made the most of them. Having lived as a prostitute/girlfriend of Hugh Heffner, Kendra is moving up in the world, and is about to star in her own reality show. God save us all.