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Mark Levin: The Epitome of Crazy

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By Ben Cohen

Knowing what the hard Right is thinking should be a priority for progressives. But sometimes, their ranting is so completely idiotic and insane, it's hard to know how to deal with it. Mark Levin is the new lunatic loud mouth on the Right, and spends hours a day on his radio show shouting about gun hating homosexuals running over America. The man is literally off his rocker, and has perhaps the most annoying, nasally voice I've ever heard to go with it. This produces a bizarre combination of noise and rhetorical bile that only the most die hard wing nuts can handle. Levin always begins his rants slowly and softly, then builds into a Hitler-esque crescendo that has him literally hyperventillating at the mic, unable to control himself or his insane nihilistic view of Obama's America. This rant has got to be one of my favorites, and has Levin besides himself with self pity, unrestrained anger, and hatred towards all things slightly left of center. The main premise of the rant is that Obama wants to destroy everything that has made America great (free market capitalism and the destruction of the environment), and wants the government to make everyone poor. Enjoy!: