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Blue Cross Continues to Rip Off Americans

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By Ben Cohen

John Aravosis on Americablog get's an email from a friend (via Bob Cesca):

My friend Nick got a little surprise in his mailbox today from Blue

Cross Blue Shield. A 29% increase in his health insurance rates.

Just received my " shakedown package " in the mail today from the crooks at Blue Shield of California.

Effective 7-1-09 (2 months before my birthday)

A 29% increase from my current rate!

No claims in 7 years - no chronic conditions - healthy!

A 29% yearly increase during the worst economy in 70 years?!

Their" reasons ":

Why is my rate changing?
are changing due to rising costs across the healthcare industry. Major
drivers include hospital upgrades, new technologies, and expensive new
drugs. Other factors include an aging population and higher costs for
inpatient and out patient care. To learn more....blah, blah, blah

I received a similar letter myself. Four years, no claims, no medication, no pre existing conditions, perfect bill of health, and a 29% hike. I tried to complain, but the poor chap on the phone was a Blue Cross member himself, and just had an increase across his entire family, and I ended up feeling sorry for him. Why Obama believes these criminals need a seat at the table is beyond me - they need a seat in court.