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Said It Before, And I'll Say It Again: MARS

There seems to have been water there more recently than we thought.

A new study finds some serious valleys carved by rivers within the last billion years -- much sooner than most similar findings. That's good news for biologists, as water is a key to life as we know it, and the more recently there was liquid water on Mars, the greater the chances for life to have arisen and endured.

Jay Dickson of Brown University and his colleagues found valleys more than 800 feet wide (250 meters) and tens of miles (kilometers) long in new images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The valleys look as though they were carved by running water.

"We believe that these new valleys were formed within the last billion years, which is quite recent when you view it in the geologic history of water on Mars," Dickson told

President Obama, please send us to MARS. John Jones is waiting!