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Pelosi & The CIA? Bush Was Still The Trigger Man

My guess? Speaker Pelosi is, at best, being misleading about what the CIA did and didn't tell her. In all likelihood? She's probably lying. But does it really matter?

After 9/11, the Democrats not only lost their marbles the way the rest of us did at the horror, they also had their spines turn to jelly politically. After years of polling showing conservative superiority on national security issues, Democrats did the stupid thing and caved in to the right on security issue after issue - on issues ranging from the invasion of Iraq to the use of torture and warrantless wiretapping.

Now, many of us out there in liberalland did - and still - knew better than those in DC on our side of the aisle. We rejected the notion that conservatives know anything about national security, let alone the idea that they are more trustworthy on the issue.

Oh sure, around 2005-6 the Democratic party itself started talking a better game on these issues, but that doesn't change the fact that from 01-04 they were limp noodles. They gave the Bush administration a free pass, and went along to go along. That doesn't absolve them of guilt. They voted for things and supported policies no member of a liberal party should have done.


We only have one President. He, and he alone, made the final decision on these issues - congressional authorization or not. Congress gave him the loaded weapon, but he chose whether or not to pull the trigger. George Bush authorized the torture of people, and while the congress turned a blind eye to it and authorized it and deserves some of the blame for it, it is Bush and his henchmen who committed the act itself.

I feel its probably likely that Speaker Pelosi was an accessory to these acts, but George W. Bush was the trigger man.