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In Defense Of Michael Savage

Lord knows I can't stand Michael Savage. The guy is a deranged loser of the highest order that exemplifies just about everything wrong about the right.

But the UK excluding him from being able to travel there because he is controversial is not the kind of behavior a world power like the UK should be engaging in.

Call me a flag-waving American if you must, but I think one of the great things about this country is our tolerance for speech. Even crappy speech, like Michael Savage. Why does this work? If you ban certain types of speech, as the UK, Canada, and Germany do in one form or another, all it does is lend strength to the hatemongers. It tells them and their supporters that their speech is so powerful the government has to specifically restrict it.

Allowing the extremes to speak as we do here in America puts their words into the public sphere for scrutiny, and as bad ideas often do - they lose. The racist movement in America is for the most part dead as a door knob because the government allows them to speak.

Michael Savage is an ass. Nothing he says makes any sense. The UK is a far stronger nation than the words of Savage, why give loons like him any sense of power by banning him for his words?