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How The Right Wing Stovepipe Operates

1. Conservative blogs just make something up. It doesn't have to be an actual thing, just a loose collection of words.

2. Other conservative blogs link to the original blog, egging it on by saying things like "someone ought to look into this" or "Hmmm" or "Odd".

3. Conservative leaning newspapers and magazines then collect the brain droppings of the previous 2 groups and begin puffing out their chests wondering why the story is being suppressed, or why the NY Times is "sitting on this".

4. Talk radio jumps in, bewildered that magazines and newspapers and the blogs are "all over this" and why the MSM is covering up.

5. Then a moron like Major Garrett completely mainstreams it via Fox News and asks a stupid question at the daily White House press briefing.

Thanks to the American voters we now have a #6.

6. Press secretary slaps down the stupid assertion, sensible people continue to run the government, the rest of us protected from the lunatics being anywhere near the levers of power.