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Funniest Quote Of The Year (So Far)

From a writer at Patterico

Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, never struck me as an Obama fan but he’s always given Obama a fair shake.

Bwahahahahaha! Reynolds has pushed pretty much every smear vs. Obama save for the Secret Muslim one. But let's keep playing pretend.

And the post from Reynolds once again posts this graph the Heritage Foundation made up (Heritage is all about making up graphs nowadays, I guess since the White House is likely to only answer phone calls from people like CAP). The conservative blogs keep posting this graph as if the simple act of posting it will do... something.

The Patterico posts concludes "I think a lot of Americans are getting frustrated with Barack Obama." Well... no. But keep talking in code* to each other and nod approvingly when you've made a "point", its best for the rest of us when you all maintain the illusion of relevancy among yourselves.

(* For me its sadly an occupational hazard that makes me mostly fluent in wingnut. For instance when one of them screeches "ACORN! Barney Frank!" and then nods knowingly, I am one of the few Americans who recognizes that as a serious conservative argument. I feel like those Navajo code talkers in WWII, but instead of serving the country I interpret the ravings of the mad.)