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A Late Entry For Funniest Quote Of The Week

Mark Tapscott, writing in the Washington Examiner, the free newspaper that litters the subway that has usurped the Washington Times as the premier wingnut newspaper.

These milestones remind that what we've seen "nuthin' of so far during the Obama administration is the aggressive accountability journalism relentlessly aimed at the Bush administration during the eight years prior to the ascension of President Obama.

You remember that accountability?

When the press pushed Al Gore to concede?
When the press cheerleaded us into Iraq, putting Bush administration propaganda on A1 of the NY Times?
When the press gave millions of dollars in free air time to the Swift Boat liars?
When the NY Times delayed warrantless wiretapping stories until after the election?
When the press refused to provide any serious, probing scrutiny of the Bush policies that lead to the Great Recession and near-collapse of the global economy?

Yes, that accountability.