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Obama Leaves Netanyahu Out in the Cold

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By Ben Cohen

This is extremely positive news. Obama's decision to remain steadfast on his pledge to stop Israeli settlement expansion will reverberate around the Arab world, signaling that the U.S is serious about peace in the Middle East.

This is classic Obama - he takes a hard line on two opposing tracks, then comes out getting what he wants. While Netanyahu may think he can run circles around the young President, he will continue to find himself groping at thin air, unable to pin down the fluid American leader and unable to use his insidious charms to get what he wants. Netanyahu is an attack dog, used to bullying Israeli politicians and destroying his enemies (witness his record of death and destruction in Palestine). But when his paymasters in the U.S begin to assert their power, Netanyahu will find himself severely limited in his ability to maneuver. Given his extreme propensity for violence and confrontation, this can only be a good thing.