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Stupid White Men

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Pat Buchanan surprises Portland by brianjesse.

By Ben Cohen

I've always struggled to understand why closet racist, homophobe and sexist Pat Buchanan has a job on cable news, particularly MSNBC. I sometimes find myself agreeing with Buchanan on a number of issues - he did not support the Iraq War, does not support free trade, and condemns the treatment of Palestinians by Israel.

However, I suspect he does not support foreign wars because he regards those in other countries (particularly with skin darker than his own) as inferior to America, and not worthy of its blood. And I suspect he condemns the treatment of Palestinians because of his own anti semitic beliefs.

With what is left of his political guile, Buchanan manages to coat his invective with subtlety,
using innuendo rather than overt racism in his writing. He makes an effort to be jovial, and tries to keep up with the times. But at 71 years old, Buchanan barely makes sense anymore, rambling incoherently on topics clearly too complex for him to understand. The election of Barack Obama has spun his head out of control, and the man simply cannot deal with the new America he lives in. Check out this monstrously offensive quote from an article he penned in

When you think about it, Sonia Sotomayor is the perfect pick for the Supreme Court — in Barack Obama's America.

Like Obama, himself a beneficiary of affirmative action, she thinks
"Latina women," because of their life experience, make better judicial
decisions than white men, that discrimination against white men to
advance people of color is what America is all about, that appellate
courts are "where policy is made" in the United States.

Not only is the quote about Sotomayor taken completely out of context, he is also flat out lying about her and Obama being a beneficiary of Affirmative Action. Really Pat? Any evidence to support this other than your own prejudice? Like him or not, no one can say Barack Obama doesn't deserve to be where he is today. A black kid born into a single parent home who graduated from Harvard, became President of the Harvard Law Review, worked the streets of Chicago as an organizer, became the junior Senator of Ilinois, then President of United States is the beneficiary of affirmative action? If he doesn't deserve to be where he is today, then no one does. Sotomayor, clearly a brilliant woman who has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is, has not succeeded because she is a Hispanic woman. She succeeded despite it, growing up in an American where people like Pat Buchanan spend a life time making hers more difficult.