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Somewhere In America, A Right Winger Needs A Diaper Change

In reaction to North Korea apparently making a nuclear test, conservatives are reacting like they always do: likescaredbabies. The fact that Kim Jong Il is as provocative as he always is seems, for them, to prove some point. Good luck deciphering what that actually is. Is the point that we should engage in diplomacy? Well, they're citing known nut (he'd like to destroy the UN) John Bolton as a source of wisdom, but what he did during his disastrous tenure at the UN was to... not talk directly to North Korea and antagonize them more.

Now, the right has been mainlining crazy more than usual these last 100+ days so I guess their argument is that we should react to this with a use of force? I mean, I guess we could follow the Bush doctrine but I don't think South Korea should be invaded...

We've spent the last eight years following the tantrum like whims of a bunch of seriously scared people. All we have to show for it is a lot of dead people and a less safe and stable planet.

While Reagan was a conservative, its lucky for us that the modern brand of wingnut wasn't in control of our foreign policy in the 80s because DC and Moscow would still be off the charts on the Geiger meter.

What do we do now? We engage in diplomacy, we try to cool down the situation and we try to keep the world safe.

What we don't do is wet the damn bed and get a lot of people killed in order to live out some conservative's Dungeons and Dragons scenario.