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Facebook Worth $10 Billion

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By Ben Cohen

The value of facebook just went up (although not what it was pre-economic meltdown). From Tech Crunch:

A few days ago,

we reported

that Facebook turned down an investment term sheet that placed their

value at $8 billion. But it was apparently the board seat the investors

wanted and not the valuation that was the hold up. Now that valuation

number has jumped to $10 billion thanks to an offer from some new


sources tell The Wall Street Journal

It's incredible how fast social websites have revolutionized the way we live. A friend of mine is getting married, and the entire thing is being planned online. Another is going on a trip around the world, and is meeting up with people she knows on facebook. This website was partially built on facebook - it allowed us to get our articles to a decent sized audience and keep people interested.

It is incredibly time consuming, but also empowering, as it links people together who would otherwise live totally independent lives without knowledge of the other. I'm friends with people I haven't seen in decades and have actually met up with a few in person. While I'm fairly anti anyone being ridiculously rich, Mark Zuckerberg is welcome to his billions. He's actually made people's lives better, and for that, he deserves everything he gets.