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Dumber, Dumber, and Insanely Dumb

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By Ben Cohen

The Republican Party has a defined hierarchy of stupidity. Michelle Bachmann, George Bush and Sarah Palin represent the cream of the crop, but apparently, there is another 'elite level' that exists WAY beyond the normal realm of Republican stupidity. I present Joe Barton, GOP Congressman and climate change skeptic. Says Barton of C02:

I'm creating it as I talk to you. It's in your Coca-Cola. your Dr.

Pepper and your Perrier water. It's necessary for human life. It's

odorless, colorless, tasteless, doesn't cause cancer, doesn't cause

asthma. There's nobody that's ever been admitted to a hospital because

of CO2 poisoning.

Such mind boggling idiocy is barely worth reporting on, other than the fact that it is fairly amusing. Barton's casual dismissal of the theory 99.999% of the scientific community supports is a sight to behold. Similar to Dick Cheney's disregard for facts that get in the way of his ideology, Barton wields his ignorance like a virtue. He'll do well in the current incarnation of the GOP, where being intellectual curious is akin to having Swine Flu. Expect an announcement of his Presidential aspirations for 2012. He may actually think he could win.