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Whig Watch: GOP Debates Serious Issue Of Socialism

The southern regional party in America debates. (via)

I should point out the equivalent of this would have been, in May of 2001, if the Democratic party convened and decided whether we would call the Republican party the Poophead Party or the Crappy Pants Party.

By comparison, here's a story from May of 2001:

There are a lot of unhappy Democrats out there, including some toiling away on Capitol Hill. Despite all the chirpy pronouncements about taking some of the air out of President Bush's proposed $1.6 trillion tax cut, and the party's cries of "Eureka!" as it charged the Republican Administration with being more sympathetic to domestic oil and gas producers than to Alaskan caribou, Democrats are having a seriously hard time as the out-of-power party. Life was more fun before Bush and his West Texas sensibilities moved in.

The Democrats made a lot of mistakes when they were out of power (which is why it seems crazy to me that one of those mistakes, Terry McAuliffe seems likely to win the VA governor's primary) but the bulk of those mistakes were in the world of policy and they were concessions to Bush's agenda.

Republicans have made it pretty clear here that their agenda consists of stamping their feet like a spoiled baby.