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Getting Rid of Harry Reid

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Bob Cesca explains why after his acquiescence on closing Guantanamo, Mr Reid has to go:

Comparing Harry Reid to

the cartoon character Droopy Dog

would be both a compliment to Reid and very much an insult to Droopy

who, while being a forlorn slow-talker, was actually quite savvy and

speedy for a canine with a sluggish metabolism. Harry Reid, on the

other hand, is only savvy and speedy when it comes to inexplicably

capitulating to the historically marginalized and unpopular


Indicative of the worst kind of Democrat, he's a wimp of highest
order: a turnkey substitute teacher type -- you remember the ones --
standing up there at the chalkboard with a crumpled, submissive posture
quietly begging for everyone to take their seats, while not realizing
that cafeteria coleslaw is being stuffed into his pants pockets.

I've long argued that Reid is a complete waste of time. Here's what I said in my 'Top Ten Democrats Who Should Go Away' list:

When the Democrats took power in 2006, they were elected by war weary
citizens that were fed up with President Bush and the Neo
Conservatives. Despite his position as Senate Majority Leader, Reid
failed spectacularly to reduce war funding or establish a firm time
timetables for troop removal from Iraq. Reid showed the cojones of a
neutered kitten, and has spent the last two years backing down to the
Bush Administration instead of doing what he was put in power to do:
stand up, and stop the war. When the effort to put timetables for
withdrawal in the war funding bill failed to override Bush' veto, Reid
and other members of Congressional leadership caved and gave Bush all the money
he asked for in the first place. Amazingly, Reid didn't even push for
a compromise. Should Obama follow a more centrist agenda than he
promised during his campaign, you can bet Reid won't do anything to
hold him accountable.

It looks like I was wrong about Reid standing up to Obama, but not in the way anyone would imagine. Reid is your atypical Democrat - spineless when it matters, and brave when it doesn't. It's an issue the weedy looking hack can posture on with little political consequence, the unfortunate story of his political life.