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Cheney Amps up Attacks on Obama

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By Ben Cohen

Former VP Dick Cheney is continuing his unprecedented attack on the new President, accusing him of endangering the country, and triangulating on issues of National Security. From the Huff Post:

Cheney described the president's national security approach as
"recklessness cloaked in righteousness." He called Obama's opposition
to torture "unwise in the extreme," and accused critics of "phony
moralizing" and "feigned outrage" over interrogation practices.

"The administration seems to pride itself on searching for some kind
of middle ground in policies addressing terrorism," Cheney argued.
"Triangulation is a political strategy, not a national security

While Cheney's comments are no doubt wrong and downright offensive, I'm of the opinion that he should keep it up. The more the Dark Prince talks, the worse it gets for the GOP. The polls continue to suggest that Cheney is hurting the Republican Party far more than he is helping it, and he is offering a platform explicitly rejected by voters in 2008.

Cheney has approval ratings of around 18%, lower than OJ Simpson had after he killed his wife, and lower than Michael Jackson during his child molestation trial (check the hilarious article here). Cheney is about as relevant to political discourse as Tucker Carlson is to talk show TV, and the poor psychopath doesn't even realize it.

Keep talking Dick, it's great fun to watch and even funnier to see your party squirm.