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Republican Health Care Proposal

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By Ben Cohen

The Huffington Post is reporting on the latest Republican Health Care proposal. I haven't gone over it in detail, but it looks an absolute joke from the outset.

The basic premise is to give people 'guaranteed choice' (whatever that means), and make private insurance companies compete with each other. The whole thing will be paid for with - you guessed it - tax cuts, and it will be regulated by a non profit entity will punish companies that 'cherry pick' health patients.

The Republicans are extremely fearful of a public health program, because all the insurance companies that fund their party won't be able to compete. They are disguising this by saying the government wants to take over health care and stop consumer choice, but in reality, it's an explicit admission that the private insurance industry is a complete failure.

You can tear the logic apart quite easily: Republicans believe in free markets. The Government wants to implement its own program to compete in the market. If the free market really works, then the best plan will win. If a private plan is better it will win. If a public plan (that is not enforced) is better, then by their own logic, that will win too. So, let's see which plan consumers like best, and may the best plan win.

It just goes to show you how much Republicans actually hate free markets. When their corporate pay masters are put in jeopardy by a faltering economy, Republicans are about as capitalistic as Sweden. Stay tuned for more....