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The New Breed of Blog

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By Ben Cohen

I do my best to keep up with online technology, as it helps to run a better blog. A new concept hitting the blogosphere is the 'Do It Yourself' design sites that make changing the layout, look and feel of your blog as easy as riding a bicycle. I use Typepad, which is generally great - easily customizable, but only if you have decent understanding of CSS and html (the language used to build websites). Services like Jimdo take design customization one step further, bridging the gap to make web design incredibly easy without the use of CSS and html.

The ramifications of this new blog technology means publishing will be even easier, and far more professional looking. Individuals will be able to run fairly complex sites that look fantastic and can compete with the bigger sites with teams of programmers. I'm all for bringing power to small publishers who are increasingly beating bigger sites to the punch when it comes to creating the same product for far less money. It could help journalists who have lost their jobs build an online business without the help of computer geeks. It would have been great 3 years ago, when I first got into blogging, as much time was wasted hiring people to do things I now know to be relatively simple. With the new blogging tools out there, people with less coding skills than myself (and I don't have many) will be able to dive head first into first rate blogging.