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The Other Hitchens

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By Ben Cohen

Peter Hitchens, younger brother of Christopher Hitchens, is a strange man. A former Trotskyite (who incidentally tried to convert a member of my own family to Communism back in the 1970's), Hitchens is now an ardent conservative with a rather interesting set of beliefs. An outspoken critic of foreign interventionism, Hitchens is far from a neo con, and has a few things to say about financial deregulation. He apparently does not believe in evolution or gay marriage, and thinks the conservative party in the U.K is a complete joke (check out his profile at wikipedia for the long litany of contradictory positions). While his big brother gets a lot of attention in the States, most people have never heard of the younger Hitchens. For those of you unacquainted with him, check out this clip of him at his best, eloquently denouncing British policy towards Zimbabwe, and trashing both the Labour and Conservative party. He's a thoroughly unlikeable person (and I can attest to this personally), but he's certainly interesting: