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Gay Blogger Threatened on Live TV

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By Ben Cohen

In response to gay activist blogger Michael Roger's new documentary 'Outrage', a documentary that outs gay Republicans who legislate against homosexuality, NewsChannel 8's Let's Talk Live, co-host Doug McKelway came up with the following logic:

Outing gay conservative politicians who legislate to make life difficult for homosexuals is wrong because it involves delving into their personal lives.

And the following gem:

Barney Frank was partly responsible for the housing crisis, and we don't go talking about his sexuality. Therefore it is wrong to talk about the sexuality of other politicians.

If you are scratching your head, don't worry. The argument makes about as much sense as Michelle Bachmann's thoughts on trade policy. Anyhow, McKelway worked himself up to the point where he threatened to punch Roger across the face for his insolence (Roger suggested McKelway may harbor some homophobic feelings). Watch below: