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Joe The Plumber Quitting GOP - A Time to Mourn

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By Ben Cohen

I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing for the GOP, but Joe the Plumber's discontent with the party's excessive spending has moved him to leave the party of Ronald Reagan. Wurzelbacher's views on homosexuality are so abhorrent, the party would have had to kick him out at some point anyway (if they wanted to remain remotely viable in the 21st century), so is probably a good thing in the long term.

However, he is a very good representative of just how vacuous, mean and stupid the party is, and serves as useful fodder for the Democrats. As long as idiots like Wurzelbacher are associated with the GOP, the less likely they are to be taken seriously. So, probably a sad day for liberals or anyone thoroughly enjoying watching the GOP disintegrate (myself included).