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Karl Rove Twittering

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By Ben Cohen

I recently checked out Karl Rove's Twitter page, and was not impressed with the Machiavellian maestro's 'tweets'. Here's a sample:

  1. Hannity tonight. 10:00 PM ET on Fox News Channel. #TCOT #SGP #HHRS #TEAPARTY5:56 PM Apr 29thfrom web

  2. Resurgent Republic survey verifies Independents side with Republicans on more than just president's budget PM Apr 29thfrom TweetDeck

  3. YouTube Featured: Rove Evaluates Obama's First 100 Days #TCOT #SGP #HHRS9:38 AM Apr 29thfrom TweetDeck

  4. @livedesk Resurgent Republic survey finds Independents Side w/ Republicans on Obama Budget & More #TCOT #SGP #HHRS

It seems Rove is using the service to essentially let everyone know when he will be on TV, plus recommend the odd article that compliments his political views. I was going to follow him on Twitter to get further insight into the dark corners of his mind, but have now concluded he's only using the service to appear 'on touch' with the next generation. It's kind of like your dad wearing a baseball cap to prove he's still cool, but the balding head and flabby stomach ultimately give it away.

It's unlikely Rove will ever accept his complete irrelevancy in the age of Obama by himself, and he'll keep twittering, facebooking and skyping away. And like dad, someone will eventually have to tell him to leave the kids alone, sit in his armchair, and stop looking like an idiot.