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James Carville Strikes Again

James Carville, one half of the James Carville - Mary Matalin carny show dropped some knowledge in an interview with Huffington Post

Democratic strategist James Carville warned on Monday that if the Republican Party were to abandon its decades-old alliance with the Christian Right, it would only cement major losses in party identification and vote totals for the GOP.

What? The Republican party needs the religious right? Oh thank you James Carville for bringing those words of wisdom down from the mountain to us slack jawed yokels. Next thing Carville will be telling us that water is often wet.

Look. While at one time James Carville may have posessed something resembling actual political skill, for the last decade or so Carville is nothing more than a media creature still riding the coattails of Bill Clinton's election. His public statements for the last few years or so demonstrate the sort of surface level political opinion mongering that is far below that of the average moderately informed citizen.

Carville is a joke. A joke who has made a considerable amount of money by "debating" his wife and business partner Mary Matalin in the media about politics neither one of them seem to have any actual convictions about. When you see the Carville-Matalin show the reason why it feels so familiar is that Vince McMahon did it first and does it better. At least when Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan had their feud there was the threat of physical harm.

He would like you to forget it, but James Carville can't push down the memory hole the fact that he was blasting Howard Dean days after the 2006 election for not doing enough when the data showed that Dean had overperformed at his job. This was Carville backseat driving after years of slapping Terry McAuliffe on the back as they drove the Democratic party into a ditch. To recap: Howard Dean led the Democrats out of the wilderness Terry McAuliffe helped send the party in to and James Carville attacked him for it.

Throughout that period, Carville was making bank on books. It's something he's been doing for a while, from the book he hawked during impeachment attacking Ken Starr, to his book about loyalty with regard to (you guessed it) Bill Clinton, and the books he wrote with Paul Begala ostensibly advising the Democrats out of the holes they were in. Lucky for us, nobody listened.

He's got a new book out now (that's why he's talking to Huffpo and I'm sure other outlets) and he's got the audacity to slap a photoshopped picture of him and President Obama on the cover.

So let's get this straight: James Carville advocates loser strategies for Democrats, makes money on the backs of Dems while offering these idiotic insights, then has the cojones to try and ride President Obama's coattails.

James Carville also must believe we forgot the most recent display of his genius, from the 2008 campaign. First he spent days calling Gov. Richardson a Judas for endorsing President Obama, then he bitched and moaned at the Democratic convention that the convention was not being effective vs. McCain (and God knows I'm a Bill Clinton fan but when James Carville was working for Bill Clinton he never achieved the sort of victory the Obama-led Democratic party went on to achieve, did he?). Of course the piece de resistance was Carville sending a message to the delusional PUMAs by wearing Pumas to the convention, when Sen. Clinton herself had long ago put the divisiveness of the campaign behind her.

Look, no matter what I say or write about James Carville he's going to remain a high profile figure within Democratic politics. Never mind that he rarely knows what he's talking about, is part of an enterprise solely interested in making money for the Carville family and their Beltway lifestyle, and is still - 17 years later - coasting by on his involvement in the Clinton campaign. I just thought you should know what this one guy thinks about him now.