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Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King is worried that new hate crime legislation will have a "chilling effect" on his ability assault people with strange sexual fetishes

by Ari Rutenberg

On Monday's Daily Show, Jon Stewart exposes the clear bigotry of the 175 House members who voted against this anti-hate crime legislation, citing a chilling effect on free speech. But he singles out Iowa Republican Steve King for his most brutal ridicule. This is for two reasons: 1) King accidentally reveals the true Republican motivation for voting against it and; 2) he's batshit insane.

The true motivation, as you'll see in the following clip, is, in its essence, that Republicans, or at least Mr. King, think they have the right to physically assault those who they consider to have unacceptable sexual proclivities. Of course it is already illegal to assault anyone for any reason, but apparently until they are told that it is specifically illegal these bigoted morons think they have the right to take out their personal fear and frustration on those who chose a different path. It's totally the policy they need to help bring minorities and alternative lifestyle voters into their very small Big Tent.

Oh, and King also thinks gay people should refrain from displaying affection in public so the bigots won't know who to attack. That's a lot of crazy for one man.

Enjoy the clip.

Via Crooks and Liars:

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