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Arianna Huffington Wins Journalism Award

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By Ben Cohen

Simon Owens at Bloggasm thinks we may be coming too trigger happy when doling out journalism awards to online media outlets:

I found it odd when I heard the


that the Si Newhouse School’s journalism awards would include a

“lifetime achievement” award for Arianna Huffington — an award that

went to the late Tim Russert last year. Odd because though Huffington

has technically been involved with different media outlets since the

1980s, she really didn’t become what many would consider a major media

figure until after the launch of The Huffington Post in mid-2005.

I think Owens is being a little harsh on Huffington given her enormous contribution to online media - she literally revolutionized the industry and has become a major player within a very short space of time. She hasn't been at it long, but I think she makes up for it in volume.