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Britain's Social Concentration Camps

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By Ben Cohen

The Fabian society produces a damning indictment of New Labour's housing policies and failure to address the severe wealth divide in the U.K:

According to the Fabians, children bought up in social housing now
have far fewer life chances than half a century ago, because they are
concentrated on increasingly ghettoised estates. Those born after 1970
in council homes are twice as likely to suffer from mental health
problems than those born in 1946 in public housing, 11 times more
likely to be unemployed and not in training or education, and nine
times more likely to live in a household where nobody has a job.

gulf between those left stranded on these estates and rich or even
middle-income families is wider now than it was 30 years ago. In
England and Wales, the average electoral ward is 16 per cent public
housing, but in the poorest wards that figure rises to 70 per cent or