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Face Book Swine Flu Fear

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By Ben Cohen

This message just appeared on a friend of mine's facebook page:


got slammed in the head with flu/cold symtoms....the best part is my

schmuck friend cesar gave it to me and he just got back from friggin


I'm hoping this is a joke (I'm supposed to be seeing him tomorrow), but it does represent a seemingly typical comment amongst my cyber friends over the past couple of days. I keep seeing things like: "Barry is Hoping this cold goes away and doesn't start snorting like a pig".

I'm guessing most of my pals don't have Swine flu, and are a bunch of silly hypochondriacs, but it does show you how easily fear spreads when an outbreak happens. The media has been selling the shit out of the latest crisis, using movie style voice overs on their adverts to whip up fear and excitement over the virus. I'm not saying the virus isn't a serious problem, but compared to the million other things that can kill us, it's not that serious.

 As always, Jon Stewart nails the media craze on the head and rips the media for creating a "Good ol' fashioned scare off":

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