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Celebrity Tantrums

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By Ben Cohen

I try my hardest not to comment on any celebrity related gossip, simply because it has nothing to do with anything remotely important. The celebrity culture we live in promotes idiocy, consumerism and incredible shallowness - traits we should really despise but instead revere. Celebrity obsession has taken over the media, and it is virtually impossible to read or watch a big named news company without hearing about Britney Spear's latest meltdown, or Madonna's latest adoption fetish.

However, I do like it when funny facts about megalomaniac celebrities hit the news as it highlights how unbelievable silly a lot of them are. This hilarious article listing the histrionic antics of celebrity musicians made me laugh out loud, especially the story of Elton John shouting at a policeman "Don't you know who I am?!" when made to walk a few yards from his car to a party due to a blockade.

I've heard some horror stories out here in Hollywood (where I live), and actually experienced a few myself (Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite tried to start a fight with me in the restroom of a bar believe it or not). Anyhow, if any readers have a funny story either about celebrities they have met, or read about, please send them in (email to thedailybanter(at) and I'll put them up.