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Yellow Flag

In a Christian Scientist Monitor story about the Fox News Tea Parties and how many people turned out, there is this:

A protest in Washington included about 1,500 people in a heavy rain.

Um, look, I was there. There were not 1,500 people there. I would estimate that the crowd topped out at 800, but I'd even be willing to say 1,000. But no way in heck were 1,500 people there.

Crowd size is a political weapon, Lord knows liberal protesters were pissed when the media undercounted their protests. But let's try to be a little realistic here.

By the time this is over, the right will be claiming that 300 million people protested. No doubt if they protest on the 4th of July they'll claim everybody on the mall for fireworks is there for teabagging. God help them if one of their "Obama Is A Fascist" signs gets in the way of someone's view of the fireworks after they've sat there for 8 hours in the broiling sun.