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Worth Pointing Out

You might remember that before inauguration I had a hell of a time bitching at people on the left who were ready to whine and moan about Obama's position and initiatives on certain issues before he was even sworn in. Three months in, I think that was the right call. It seems to often that especially on our side of the aisle, anything less than perfection calls for one to be burned at the stake.

On balance of course I feel that for every 1000 good things the administration does there is one they screw up. For instance the foot dragging over Don't Ask Don't Tell is kind of hard to understand. It isn't the cultural hot-button it was back in 1993, and if anything its simply a national security issue - well qualified military members are getting kicked out solely for their orientation and that's whacked.

So far we've got an administration that values common sense and science over ideology and a perverted view of religion and that's cause for hope. While personally I would rather congress not be such an impediment to enacting the President's agenda, the idea is that he and his people get challenged to do the right thing and not just be given a rubber stamp like the GOP congress gave to Bush.

The biggest test on this is likely to be health care, where the Obama team's apparent moderation needs to be pushed to be more ambitious from the left and not just incremental change for p.r.'s sake that accomplishes the right's mission of leaving the system broken as it is. If for no other reason than national pride we shouldn't have a second rate health care system.