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Whining Right Wing Babies Disrupt GE Shareholder's Meeting

Bill O'Reilly's do-boy, Jesse Waters, and a bunch of other conservatives upset they had their rear ends handed to them in the election, decided to bring their garbage to GE's shareholder meeting. What's intriguing is that conservatives insist that the ratings for Olbermann, Maddow and the rest of MSNBCs lineup are abysmal... and yet it drives them insane that these shows have an audience besides the drooling morons who believe everything on Fox.

One specific complaint about MSNBC concerned Keith Olbermann's interview of actress Janeane Garofalo, who likened conservatives to racists and spoke of "the limbic brain inside a right-winger."

"They were upset that Olbermann didn't bother to challenge her," one GE shareholder said.

Immelt said he takes a hands-off approach to what is reported on the company's news networks, which prompted a shareholder to criticize him for not managing NBC Uni effectively.

"My biggest surprise was the open hostility to MSNBC," another shareholder said. "It was noticeable and loud. I don't remember any of this going on last year."

One shareholder at the Orlando, Fla., meeting was Jesse Waters, a producer of "The O'Reilly Factor." Waters asked a question at the meeting, then turned on the Fox News Channel cameras outside the venue and interviewed other shareholders who attended the meeting.