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Truth Stings

The conservative blogs are enraged that people are pointing out that they have and are stoking the fires of an atmosphere of hate that leads to police officers getting killed. As I've written for years, this is part of their pattern of behavior in America and for too long we've accepted their verbal diarrhea and incitements to violence as honest political dialogue and not the insanity it is.

UPDATE: Ooooh, this one clearly rankles old Insty, because he actually responded... Oh, no he didn't. He called me a "shill" for Media Matters and accused me of being on a listserv. Its days like this I'm glad that when I was deciding what side of the political aisle I wanted to be on, I didn't make the same mistake as Glenn Reynolds and choose the one where we encourage people to shoot cops. Also, kind of funny for Reynolds to call me a shill when he spent years writing articles for a lobbyist and is a key figurehead in the joke that is "PajamasTV". But whatever, this clearly annoyed The Prickly One.

UPDATE 2: Reynolds has updated his post again. First, "Jim Treacher emails". Funny, this isn't the first time that has happened. In the past Reynolds has forwarded me attacks that Jim Treacher, who last I checked is some kind of comedy writer for the unfunny RedEye show on Fox News (apparently Treacher doesn't write for Red Eye, but wrote a blog for the unfunny guy who hosts the ridiculously unfunny Redeye or some crap that I don't care about, but I do know for sure Treacher sends cowardly emails to Reynolds about me), sent to him. Apparently they're some kind of email buddies and Treacher isn't the guy who can't talk to your face without big bad Instapundit to back him up.

Then, Reynolds characterizes himself as "an early booster of Oliver Willis’s blogging career". Hmmm. I started blogging a while before he did, and in the aftermath of 9/11 we linked back and forth. We agreed on the invasion of Afghanistan, but when Reynolds started advocating for the invasion of Iraq and calling those who were against it pro-Saddam anti-Americans I and others called that out for the bullshit it is and was. Reynolds, as is the usual tactic from him and the right, tries somehow to change history and make out that when I began working for Media Matters it changed my outlook on things. Oh, to be as intellectually dishonest as Glenn Harland Reynolds and have to look at yourself in the mirror every morning, knowing that you've built an entire media persona and career filled with excrement and that you're past the point of no return on it. I would have sympathy for him, but he signed up for it on his own and churns out swill every day without anybody compelling him to.

Furthermore, Reynolds has an almost patholigical aversion to pushing out his own position and instead hides behind others. My guess is he does it because he's wrong so often and get called on it, it must be easier to just link to someone and say "Heh. Read the whole thing." Or say "so and so emailed me to say x". Some of us, especially some of us liberals, have the balls to put our own opinions up and stand behind them.

Not to pat myself on the back - but I will anyways - I am one of those people.

ALSO: Don Surber jumps on Reynolds idiot train as well, doing the conservative thing they always do by trying to use a totally unrelated recent event as comparison. Surber's argument is that because I didn't write about the shooting in Oakland, somehow I can't write about this one. Does the right understand that we are completely on to this silly game of theirs? We've watched it for years. The mainstream media laps up this "two sides" bull, but we don't.

The shooting in Oakland was horrible, but the guy who did it was just a bad guy. The killing in Pittsburgh was the result of right-wingers spreading disinformation. This guy, already disturbed, was apparently helped over the edge by conspiracy theories pushed by the mainstream right in America.

August notes: "Wow, Oliver, you know you’ve pissed off Instapundit when he has to link to five other people’s thoughts." Heh. Indeed.

A writer at Volokh report cites happiness studies to try and prove that people on Fox News haven't been pushing paranoia about Obama being anti-gun (which is what I and others have ben saying). Or something. Oh, conservatives.... distraction is the name of the game.