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Remember, Left Wing Operatives, I Need Your Reports In Triplicate

Blast it, my effort to silence the right wing has been uncovered by a writer for the... American Spectator. They were alerted by commandant Benen's missive about their fakeroots protests, scheduled for tax day (More from Benen here, where he tries to fool the right into thinking we didn't write our posts on George Soros' say-so). No doubt, they are certain that writing about this made-up protest by Fox News & co. was a coordinated activity? Why? Well, that's how they do things and they're projecting as usual.

Furthermore, they've convinced themselves that we're afraid of this now, like we're supposedly afraid of every craptacular thing they do when in fact... we're laughing at you.

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Teabagging uber alles.

UPDATE: Oh this is too rich. Glenn Reynolds (who wrote for a lobbyist at one time) has an op-ed arguing that the tea parties are "grassroots". He writes this op-ed in the NY Post, the sister company of Tea Party sponsor Fox News and his bio line includes his involvement with Pajamas Media, another Tea Party sponsor.


Reynolds also says the tea parties are "A kind of energy our politics hasn't seen lately."

Really? Yeah, not so much. Except, you know, the people who elected Barack Obama were real.