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Keep It Up, Dick

More Dick Cheney please, the last ones were delicious.

Cheney's decision to serve as the self-appointed defender of the Bush presidency has significantly raised his profile in the first 100 days of the Obama administration and presents a real challenge for a party hoping to put forward new faces and fresh ideas.

"He is a face of the past," said one Republican consultant who spoke on the condition he not be named. "A face of conflict and too polarizing. So, not a good face of the party."

Cheney is largely unpopular among voters generally and particularly independent voters that proved so critical to Obama's across-the-board victory last fall. A late March Gallup poll showed that just three in ten voters had a favorable opinion of Cheney while 63 percent felt unfavorably toward him. Those numbers are consistent with where Gallup has shown Cheney for the last three years -- a period long enough to demonstrate a hardening of opinion toward the former vice president.

The only way this could be better for the Dems to have an unpopular discredited ghoul like Cheney out there is if Cheney shot somebody in the face. Again.