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Instapundit's Tea Party Lie

Glenn Reynolds:

KANSAS CITY STAR: Tea Party Movement Captures Real Concerns.

Wow, that's an interesting position attributed to the entire Kansas City Star newspaper. After all, the star's editorial board endorsed Obama so this must be quite a turn around for them.

Oh wait, let me click the link.

Oh. It's not an editorial from the Kansas City Star, as Reynolds link leads you to believe. It's an editorial column from "E. Thomas McClanahan". Well, let me do a Google and see who this guy is. Maybe he's someone who has recently changed his mind on Obama, somebody who has an actual disagreement with the President and isn't just an idealogical columnist.

So, I check. Here's a sample of the columnist's work product:

A dissent: When you compare policies, McCain is the reasonable choice

Disastrous power grab by unions awaits

Bad timing for an anti-trade president

Obama's path still unclear, agenda unfocused

Obama’s blizzard of big-spending proposals snowing under economic hope

Union card-check bill deserves to fail again

Obama's big-government express already losing steam

So, a conservative anti-Obama columnist thinks that the Fox News Tea Parties were REALLY IMPORTANT and Glenn Reynolds passes this individual's opinion off as what? "The Kansas City Star".

Then I figured, what does the actual Kansas City Star - and not one of it's conservative columnists - say about the Fox News Tea Parties?

Today also will find a number of frustrated Americans attending “tea parties,” including ones at the Liberty Memorial and Johnson County Community College.

These aren’t exactly grassroots events. They have been organized or hyped largely by conservative-leaning groups, Republican politicians and others opposed to the Obama administration’s plans to get the U.S. economy back on track and to clean up many of the financial messes left by former President George Bush.

While protests against taxes and spending are time-tried rituals, these aren’t exactly on target given the nation’s current crisis.


If Republicans and arch-conservatives really had better ideas — other than the irresponsible one of holding the line on government spending during a recession — they would be out trumpeting those plans.

Instead, ill-defined political rallies are being gussied up as tea parties, implausibly trying to link today’s financial woes to what the Founding Fathers faced more than two centuries ago.

So in fact, the Kansas City Star holds the exact opposite editorial position that Instapundit says the publication has.

Intellectual dishonesty: Glenn Reynolds soaks in it.

UPDATE: Via email, Reynolds tries to defend himself by telling me that he also links to Andrew Malcolm's LA Times blog by just calling "The LA Times". Really? You mean the sloppy former Laura Bush PR flack Andrew Malcolm? Well, of course you'd want to pass that off as "The LA Times".

Instapundit used to try a little bit harder than this to be dishonest.