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Conservative "Logic"

The first story they tried to push was that Europe would not be as receptive to Obama as we on the left have been saying. That flew out the window when -- shocker -- Europe was overjoyed once again to have a partner across the Atlantic who isn't a crazy idiot cowboy. So now, the argument is that Obama was too cozy with the Europeans.

This is the exact opposite of their previous argument, but they don't care.

Now, they've gone back to the argument they made in the campaign - Barack Obama hates America. Now, this was part of their strategy to emphasize the supposed otherness of Obama, and it worked so well for them they lost the election by 10 million votes.

But even worse is the logic: Barack Obama hates America sooooooo much he ran for president of America and now, in the ultimate act of anti-Americanness is serving as its President and Commander In Chief.

Coming soon: Barack Obama proves what a bad dad he is by buying his daughters a puppy!