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America Changing On Taxes

Here's more evidence that the GOP tax message may have run its course.

A new Gallup Poll finds 48% of Americans saying the amount of federal income taxes they pay is "about right," with 46% saying "too high" -- one of the most positive assessments Gallup has measured since 1956. Typically, a majority of Americans say their taxes are too high, and relatively few say their taxes are too low.

President Obama's election showed that the blaring anti-tax message of the right doesn't work, and for the long term it may be headed for massive failure. It isn't that people support high taxes, but rather common sense tax policy where we don't think cutting taxes for Paris Hilton will lead to magical prosperity ponies for the rest of us.

The problem for the GOP is that if the tax message doesn't work - that is, if people no longer see Democrats as the tax monster - all the GOP is god, guns, and gays and that's an increasingly fringe group of people who think those are the most important issue of our time.