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About Torture

Instapundit links to a post I wrote 6 years ago (without the follow up clarification) as to my position on torture. He of course does this in the candyass passive aggressive way he always does (when I accuse someone of something I use their name, and I do so on a site that has my name). Like I said at the time, I viewed the entire thing as a ticking-time bomb scenario and I certainly did not support the Bush policy of just screwing with people for the heck of it and throwing out the constitution.

Furthermore, I've learned since then. I'm interested in killing Al Qaeda and destroying their networks (that's why I support Democrats, because Republicans are clearly uninterested). I don't - like Glenn Reynolds has - support presidential administrations that define away torture and do so with legal b.s. in order to pervert what America stands for. We don't get good information from it and its immoral.