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John Edwards Is A Douchebag

First of all, for what he did to his family. Clearly inexcusable. But also what he almost did to America. Had Edwards somehow attained the Democratic nomination, this story would have surely killed his candidacy and elected John McCain. I can't believe what an asshole this guy is.

Elizabeth, 59, who is terminally ill with cancer, speaks in far more detail than before about her husband's infidelity in her new memoir, "Resilience," due to be published May 12 by Broadway Books. A copy was obtained by the Daily News.

Despite feeling deeply deceived, Elizabeth Edwards nonetheless publicly stood by her husband's side, lending his candidacy the aura of a warm, loving family life.

But she had actually wanted him to quit the race to protect the family. Edwards admitted the hanky-panky to her days after declaring his candidacy in 2006 - almost a year before the National Enquirer reported it.