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Tea Baggers Predominantly Libertarian?

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By Ben Cohen

Nate Silver has an interesting take on the Tea Baggers - that most came from states with strong libertarian leanings. Silver published his thoughts last week (with no evidence), and has followed up with the following proof:

The best benchmark I've been able to come up with for libertarianism is the

amount of contributions to Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign


Fundraising data has the advantage of being extremely clean and

comprehensive -- all contributions of at least $200 are reported to the

FEC and itemized by their location. Here, then, were Ron Paul's best

fundraising states, as measured by contributions per adult aged 18+.

Top Ron Paul Fundraising States,
Donations Per Adult 18+
New Hampshire $0.22
Wyoming $0.18
Alaska $0.18
Nevada $0.17
Montana $0.15
Idaho $0.14
Texas $0.13
Arizona $0.11
Colorado $0.11

Silver then compares the findings with attendance numbers for the 'parties' in all the states, and finds a correlation.