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Obama's Personality Problem

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By Ben Cohen

Gary Younge from the Guardian makes an interesting point that Obama's personal popularity may be disguising dissatisfaction with his policies:

So far it seems to be popular. When Obama took the presidential
oath, 78% thought the country was heading in the wrong direction; today
that is down to 48%. His approval ratings are around 65% - only Reagan
was in better shape at this stage (and even that was within the margin
of error).

But this popularity is precarious. People like Obama
far more than they like his policies. And even though they think the
country is moving in the right direction, polls show this to be one of
those rare periods where those same people remain unsatisfied with
their lives. In other words, people are suffering and are optimistic at
the same time. And the reason for their optimism is Obama himself. In a
reprise of the spirit that distinguished his primary and presidential
campaign, people have embraced who he is as a portent of what he might