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Football Predictions

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By Ben Cohen

I'm not going to pretend I have the faintest clue when it comes to American Football (we actually use our feet to kick the ball in the English version), but I found this pretty funny. From Matt Taibbi:

One of the things I do every year after the draft is wake up

early on the Monday after and run a Google News search on the terms

“football” and “like a sponge.” Then I count how many new NFL draftees

in their initial conference calls with their new teams’ beat reporters

say something along the lines of, “I’m just going to be

like a sponge


there, soaking up whatever the coaches teach me.” Last year the number

surpassed 20 for what I think was the first time. You tend to hear it

more from the guys who have been coached a lot by agents, high draft

picks especially, guys who need to be taught not to say things like, “I

just can’t wait to sign my deal, buy an Escalade and get laid.”