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26% Of Americans Are Idiots

I think we can conconclusively prove this now. A poll just came out from CNN showing that when asking Americans of Obama policies have made America less safe, 72% say they have not while 26% sides with Dick Cheney's delusions.

This same 26-30% keeps cropping up in poll after poll, and they really believe some of the dumbest things in the world.

* They approve of the job George W. Bush did as president
* They support Sarah Palin, still
* A subset of them think that Barack Obama is either a Muslim, not American, or both
* They don't think President Obama is doing a good job on the economy, or orverall

It's pretty clear that this is the same 26% or thereabouts, the people who would be against President Obama and Democrats if they descended from Heaven ("Trickery!" they would howl.) 26% of this country is clearly stupid.

I hope they have fun at their tea parties on Tuesday.