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Liberal Supremacists

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TAM 5 - Christopher Hitchens by Scott Hurst.

By Ben Cohen

Terry Eagleton describes how arch liberals became unwitting tools in the 'War on Terror':

If the test of liberalism is how it confronts its illiberal
adversaries, some of the liberal intelligentsia seem to have fallen at
the first hurdle. Writers such as Martin Amis and Hitchens do not just
want to lock terrorists away. They also tout a brand of western
cultural supremacism. Dawkins strongly opposed the invasion of Iraq,
but preaches a self-satisfied, old-fashioned Whiggish rationalism that
can be wielded against a benighted Islam. The philosopher AC Grayling
has an equally starry-eyed view of the stately march of Western
Progress. The novelist Ian McEwan is a freshly recruited champion of
this militant rationalism. Both Hitchens and Salman Rushdie have
defended Amis's slurs on Muslims. Whether they like it or not, Dawkins
and his ilk have become weapons in the war on terror. Western
supremacism has gravitated from the Bible to atheism.

(photo by Scott Hurst)