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Almost HALF Of Texas Republicans Want To Secede From Our Nation

Look, at a certain point in negotiations you hit a brick wall. You've put what you think is a perfectly reasonable offer on the table, and yet the other side has stripped down to its underwear and is smearing the walls with fecal matter.

Almost half of Texas Republicans are in the brown stuff. And we need to just disengage from further interaction.

In a new survey by Research 2000 for the liberal Daily Kos blog, Texas voters were asked whether the Lone Star State would be better off as an "independent nation" or as part of the United States.

Overall, more than six in ten chose the latter option. (No big surprise there.) But, among Republicans, 48 percent said it would be better for Texas if the state was an independent nation -- the same number who said they would prefer the state remain a part of the United States.

Just to reiterate: roughly half of all self-identified Texas Republicans in the Research 2000 poll said they would rather their state be an independent nation.