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Ali G on History

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By Ben Cohen

I must confess to being a die hard Ali G fan. Growing up in London, many of my friends (including myself) affected an accent similar to Ali G before the series came out, and were thoroughly entertained, if not a little embarrassed when we saw ourselves portrayed so accurately. I still find Ali G hilarious, and often chuckle to myself while watching it about how ridiculous I must have been growing up.

Anyhow, there was a recent legal spat between a woman and channel 4 in the U.K over the use of her name in an interview with Gore Vidal. The Guardian reports:

The woman launched the costly legal action after claiming her name
was used in an interview by Baron Cohen's comedy creation with the
historian Gore Vidal for the US version of Da Ali G Show, which was
screened on cable network HBO and in the UK on Channel 4.

In the
interview, Ali G asked Vidal why there was any point in amending the US
Constitution as the spoof character had a girlfriend - who shared a
name with the plaintiff - who was constantly "amending herself" but to
no avail. The woman was also described as a "bitch" and a "minger".

The ludicrous case was thankfully thrown out of court, the judge concluding that she had 'no justifiable claim'. Check out the interview below, with the woman's name bleeped out. It's a classic:

Ali G on American History

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